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P.K. Kasliwal & Associates was formally established in 1981 and today its a a leading organization in the fields of corporate, taxation, patents, trademarks and industrial. The firm is on the panel of various government organizations, insurance companies, banks and public and private corporates including several MNCs. We have successfully solved several key matters related to civil, criminal, tax arbitration and economic offences and have been regularly quoted in leading newspapers and journals.

 The cornerstone of our philosphy is to safeguard the clients interest effectively and efficiently. Our process starts with a thorough understanding of the clients objective and his area of concern. Leveraging our years of extensive experience and a team of highly qualifide proffesionals, we then research the universe of leagl framework to furnish all possible outcomes, while highlighting the one that most resonates with the client objectives. We believe in transparent cpommunication with our client which stands as the key reason for our rich list of a highly satisfied clientele. We are proud of our history and will continue to strive to further enrich it.

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