P.K. Kasliwal & Associates was formally established in 1981 and is today a leading organization in several fields like corporate, taxation, patents, trademarks and industrial. The firm is on the panel of various government organizations, insurance companies, banks and public and private corporates including several MNCs. We have successfully resolved several key matters related to civil, criminal, tax arbitration and economic offences and have been regularly quoted in leading newspapers and journals.

 Firm has a focused vision of providing our clients services that help them to create and maintain a valuable Portfolio and to leverage their intellectual assets for optimum commercial value. We are active in the public sphere having worked on drafting the legal framework for the regulation of access to traditional knowledge relating to genetic resources and benefit sharing for the green Environment. 

Our approach and the results that we delivered increasingly attracted the clients including major institutional and individual clients. As we grew, our clients began entrusting us with their wider legal affairs, leading to further development of our expertise and the addition to our areas of work and eventually making us a full-service law firm.